The Watches of The Talk Show Live 2022

As every year since 2012 John Gruber pervormed an on-stage recording of The Talk Show. It’s the ten year anniversary of the show which always has had high class guests: Cabel Sasser kicked it of, the ATP crew followed a bit later. Then, in 2015, John Gruber caught everyone by surprise with his special guest Phil Schiller. Phil was back then Apples VP of Worldwide Marketing and reappeared as a regular guest for the following years.

In 2018 Greg Joswiak, who is better known as Joz, joined the show and was a guest every year since then. In the first year he was accompanied by Mike Rockwell, VP of AR and VR (although the VR is silent), later on the king of dad jokes Craig Federighi joined.

As every year this year was a joy to watch and John Gruber got some interesting bits and pieces out of his guests.

This year one thing caught my attention specifically: The Watches the three wore.

For John Gruber I am pretty sure he is wearing the Midnight Leather Link, in combination with a Space Black Titanium Apple Watch. For the watchface my guess is Utility, without complications except the date.

Craigs Watch ws the first that made me look closer on their wrists. He is waring the Black Unity Braided Solo Loop with what I’d identify as the Graphite Stainless Steel Case. Although he is not using a traditional watchface with hands but what looks like the Siri face. At a glance it could also be the new Modular Duo, which is exclusive to the Series 7, but I am pretty sure the content changes throughout the interview, which also is a indicator for that face. Also; Craig seems like he wants to close his rings, as it is, besides the date, the only complication visible.

Jozes Watch was the difficultest to analyze. Not only has he had the least screentime of the three, but the way he sits during the interview makes it difficult to see his wrist. I couldn’t get a glance onto his watchface, unfortunatly. The watchband although was clearly visible, and I’m convinced it is the Abyss Blue Braided Solo Loop. The case was way harder, I think it actually is the Midnight Aluminum Case. It could be the darker titanium model that John is wearing, but if I had to bet I’d go with the aluminum version. The only time I saw him in person I missed to look at his wrist, I was to surprised to see him. I could only smile at him, and he smiled back. It was a nice encounter.

Also: We learned that Craig likes to build Apps in SwiftUI for fun. Joz watches TV for the same reason.