Thoughts on #WWDC22

This years Dub Dub will be the first I’ll be able to comment pon in a broader way. For the last nearly ten years I worked at Apple, and as you know: We tend to not talk a lot about the company and what’s going on there.
Of course, as a retail employee I didn’t know anything that could have been announced at WWDC. The announcement of Swift or the 2013 Mac Pro were a surprise to me as to everyone outside the company. But, as you know how the company rolls, you at least can make some educated guesses. And some of those were pretty on point 😉

This year is different though. While I could verbalize some predictions, which I will do later in this post, I really am not sure about most of them. And even those I am pretty confident about, I am not that condfident.

With my new focus on enterprise deployment I will most likely keep my eye on this, which also makes the whole week more interesting to me. In previous years my main focus was on the Keynote. Every year I watched some sessions, but more out of couriosity and based on recommendations I found on Twitter. I am a nerd, so I want to get a deeper inside into some underlying technics. This year I’m also a business customer with a fleet of Macs, so I’m definitly more interested in everything that affects me there.

Seeing the folks at the new Developer Center let’s me miss my time at Apple. I was inside Apple Park (yes, there), I sat in the Steve Jobs Theater. All of this seems further away then ever. But I am pretty happy that I finally can participate in the community. That’s something I never really did while I was at Apple. And this is a good thing.

Some predictions

(In no particular order)

  • No Headset
  • Something on that FIDO stuff
  • No outsiders at the rainbow stage
  • Sneak Peak on the Apple Silicon Mac Pro
  • Interactiv iOS Widgets